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2013/2014 Courses 



Introductory Course

This short stand-alone course is of 2-4 hours duration and is designed to introduce anyone with an interest in cricket (particularly players, parents and coaches) to umpiring and to give a basic overview of the laws of the game. No prior knowledge is required.

Courses will be run in the Districts. For further information contact


ECB ACO Level 1 – Understanding the Laws

This course is 12–16 hours duration and consists of six modules designed for those who intend to umpire regularly, or those that wish to acquire a better knowledge of the laws of cricket. Aside from covering the key laws in detail, it also deals with the basic techniques of match management. No prior knowledge is required.



Cost £120.00 to include course material, refreshments and initial years subscription to ECB ACO

ECB ACO Level 1A - Understanding the Game

This course is 12-16 hours duration and is available to all umpires who have successfully completed L1. Level 1A is not intended to be a taught course but more of a facilitator-led, participative programme which introduces the umpire to self-appraisal and an understanding of the game beyond just knowledge of the laws. It bridges the gap between the knowledge based Level 1 course and the field craft and techniques based Level 2 course. Participants must be members of the ECBACO.



ECB ACO Level 2c – Developing the experienced Umpire

This course is 12–16 hours duration and consists of six modules and is designed for any experienced official who aspires to stand in a higher grade of cricket. It can also be used as a set of CPD modules by anyone who has completed Level 1a and who wishes to refresh their knowledge and/or hone their skills. It covers the application and interpretation of law; personal, man and match management, field craft positioning and technique. Participants must be members of the ECBACO.



Cost £120.00 to include course material and refreshments

Scorer Level 1
Designed to prepare individuals who wish to score matches for their club team. No previous experience is necessary. The course lasts about 12-16 hours and an ECB ACO Scorer Level 1 Certificate is awarded on successful completion of a match record based on a script provided.
Course Data: T.B.A.


Umpires Pathway

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