Coaches and other volunteers - if you need a DBS please ask your Club Safeguarding Officer (CSO) to email you the invitation to complete one, or contact:

To initiate an application, the verifier will require your full name (including title – Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Dr), date of birth, email address, name of your cricket club and the role you perform.

Roles which are NOT eligible for Vetting checks

Roles that do not involve significant contact with children are not eligible for DBS checks. This is because they do not meet the eligibility criteria.

• Chairman
• Treasurer
• Secretary (Membership or Fixtures – including Junior Membership secretary)
• Bar manager
• Ground staff
• ‚ÄčAdministrator 

The roles in cricket that require an ECB Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check are:

All Stars / Dynamos Children’s Helper   All Stars / Dynamos Children’s Activator
Assistant Coach Captain / Vice captain  
Club Safeguarding Officer   Coach  
Coach Support Worker   Coaching Ambassador 
County Safeguarding Officer  First Aid Responder
Junior Supervisor   Juniors / Colts Manager  
League Safeguarding Officer   Physiotherapist  
Safeguarding Recruiter   Scorer  
Team Manager   Umpire  
Volunteer Coordinator   Children Academy Director  
Children’s Cricket Talent Scout   Masseur  
Medical Staff   Personal Development Manager 
Psychologist   Strength/Conditioning Coach 


Once your application has been initiated, the system will issue you with an email which will contain a link for you to complete and submit your application.

Further information on how to complete your ECB DBS application can be found here.

As part of the application you will be required to select 3 forms of ID from a list of options, which you will then need to take with you to have verified in a face-to-face meeting with a verifier, this can be the person who initiated your application or another verifier you have found using the find a verifier tool.

Alternatively you will also be given a list of available local verifiers – the system will pick the verifier from your club if there is one. If not, it will give you a list of verifiers from your County.

If you cannot arrange a meeting with a verifier local to you, please contact Brian Hoyle using the email address above

Once you have had your documents verified your application will be dispatched to the DBS (for non-volunteers, there is one extra step involving payment before the application gets dispatched). Then, it is just a case of waiting for your certificate to arrive in the post.

Once you have received the certificate, the Safeguarding team at Lord’s may request for you to post it to them for further review, but only if there is content on it (a previous conviction or caution). If the certificate is clear, the process is complete and you do not need to do anything else.

We recommend that all Club Safeguarding Officers (who have attended a Safe Hands Workshop in the past 3 years) from Clubmarked clubs to become online DBS Verifiers. This will not only enable club volunteers to become verified quickly and easily, but it will also enable clubs to monitor the DBS status of their volunteers. If you are a CSO and would like to register to become an online verifier, please email with the following information:

• Full name that appears on ID documents (including title – Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Dr)
• Date of birth
• Email address
• Cricket club or school