Waiting to bat

Over the summer term, Devon Cricket have been visiting schools and offering girls taster sessions in softball cricket. 

In May, we visited Exmouth College and run an after school softball festival for girls who would like to give cricket a go. The afternoon started with cricket warm up activites to practise bowling and running between the wickets before they put these skills into practise with a game. Face paints and music helped the teams to get into the spirit and everyone enjoyed the activites and especially the t-shirt they got to take home at the end. 

In June we visited Exmouth College to run a Cricket World Cup Festival where England took on Australia in a tense match at the end of the afternoon. Mr Taylor reports 

'The college would like to thank Devon Cricket for providing an afternoon of World Cup Cricket with our girl's team. They put on a session and a competition which the girls throuroughly enjoyed. It was a pleasure to see so many girls enjoying the game in this superb session'

At the beginning of July we visited Holswrothy Community College and became part of the sport's day activities, where each house took on each other to add points to their total to see who would win sport's day. Again, the students took part in activites to develop and warm up their cricket skills, for which they received points and then they played each other in house groups which then went to a final match to find out who would win the most points. The Sport's Day ran over three days and the further two days were run by the school's own student leaders after taking part and helping to lead the first day. 

Mr Vanstone reported that it was 'a fantastic opportunity for the girl's in the school as an introduction to cricket', whilst Lilith enjoyed it so much that even though she hadn't played before she would 'be looking to join a local club'. What a fantastic result! 

If you would like to be part of the cricket opportunities for girls over the winter or next summer, then please contact Ann-Marie Presswell