Whilst we are all waiting to hear the Government guidance expected on the 22nd February, it is clear that our Club and Community Coaches will not be allowed back into schools until March 8th at the earliest, and can fully understand that that date may be different across Schools. 

With this in mind Devon Cricket are now offering all schools Live Virtual Cricket sessions. These sessions are completely flexible and we will work with each school to determine the how they would like sessions delivered. 

Lessons are designed to be delivered adhering to social distancing measures and are completed with minimal equipment.

Coaches will aim to inspire all children and provide real time feedback to improve learning as well as improving teacher confidence and know-how. Through the schools preferred video platform, sessions can be run not only for those in school, but also children from home. 

These Live Virtual Cricket sessions are completely FREE OF CHARGE


How do we deliver the lessons?

A virtual platform on which to host the lessons – Devon Cricket have access to a Zoom account, however you might find that you are happier using your own platform. 
Remember that you can share access to this lesson with whoever you wish within your school family.

The coach will arrange a virtual meeting to dicuss and plan the sessions with the teacher. 
Sessions have been developed to be 30 minutes and themed in line with the wider Chance to Shine programme
You will need the appropriate space and equipment for the planned activity.
The coach will lead the lesson remotely, assisting the teacher/adult on site at the school with delivering the lesson.

How many lessons can we have?
Devon Cricket are happy to deliver a programme that best suits the needs of your school and your students.
We can deliver a one off lesson for you, or we can deliver a series of up to six lessons to best suit your needs.

How do we book up for these lessons?
Simply contact one of the coaches below:

East Devon - Damian Price - damian.price@devoncricket.co.uk

West Devon - Jonny Varcoe -  jonny.varcoe@devoncricket.co.uk

North Devon - James Kemp - james.kemp@devoncricket.co.uk

South Devon - info@devoncricket.co.uk 


Don’t forget we are also running our weekly Virtual Cricket Challenges, that your school can enter. Full details can be found here http://devoncricket.co.uk/page.php?Id=5140. We will be releasing another challenge during half term, however scores can be added at any time during the 9 week competition.

Teacher can also access free cricket resources by registering for the Chance to Shine Portal