Within the next few weeks there are some exciting announcements for disability cricket in Devon.

Super 1s cricket sessions are set to launch in Devon from this Wednesday in Exeter and in additional locations across the county. These are sessions for anyone with a disability whether it be physical, learning or other and are completely free to attend.

Super 1s cricket is provided by Devon Cricket in partnership with the Lords Taverners to give young people with a disability the opportunity to play cricket and develop their skills, from gross and fine motor ability to leadership and communication skills.

If you feel these sessions may be beneficial to any players, whether they be junior or even senior, please do pass on the information and my details. It would also be great if clubs were able to advertise the details of their nearest hub!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or queries, email me on lewis.fountain@devoncricket.co.uk or give me a call on 07960 038 945.


Launch Dates:

  • Exeter Hub – Wednesday 9th June 5pm-6pm (and every Wednesday after) at the Devon Cricket Centre - please click here to sign up
  • Plymouth Hub – Thursday 24th June 4pm-5pm (and every Thursday after) at Manadon Sports Hub - please click here to sign up
  • South Devon Hub – Tuesday 13th July 5pm-6pm (and ever Tuesday after) at Teignmouth and Shaldon Cricket Club - please click here to sign up
  • North Devon Hub – Venue and dates awaiting confirmation but likely to tie in with school return in September at an indoor venue - coming soon


Please spread the word as this is a great opportunity to champion disability cricket in Devon!