The NatWest OSCAs aim to reward the contribution that volunteers make to the game.  We welcome nominations for volunteers from the traditional cricketing environments (clubs, leagues, boards) but in addition to this, we would like to recognise volunteers from emerging environments such as Higher and Further Education, Community Programmes, Workplaces and Recreational Park Leagues. The NatWest OSCA's are a brilliant way of recognising of the volunteers that make cricket happen, so please recognise those hardworking volunteers today. 

The 7 NatWest OSCAs nomination categories are:

  • Heartbeat of the Club
  • Get the Game On
  • Leagues
  • Lifetime Achiever
  • NatWest CricketForce
  • Officiating – Umpires and Scorers
  • Young Volunteer

Heartbeat of the Club – This award is for that special volunteer that your club simply couldn’t do without, often the roles they carry out are behind the scenes. They often undertake a number of different roles, and are always there to lend a hand. 

Get the Game On – Is designed to highlight the “game day” contribution that is made by a key volunteer at your club.  They are often the proactive person who is instrumental in going the extra mile to ensure the game is played rather than than it being called off.

Leagues - This award is aimed at recognising the outstanding contribution made by leagues which help and support an increase in participation and getting more people playing more.

NatWest CricketForce -A club who has galvanised their members to support NWCF, gained support  from local and national business, as well as linking with the local community in the recruitment of volunteers for club.

Officiating -This award is looking for an official who has visibly increased the quality of officiating and standard player satisifaction of the cricket within their own Club, League or County.

Young Volunteer – This award is designed to highlight and show the fantastic contribution that young volunteers can make within the game. 

Lifetime Achiever – This individual will have made an outstanding difference to their cricket club, league, board or local cricket community over a significant number of years.