Clubmark 2023

Clubmark remains a key component of helping clubs raise standards in the recreational game and is used by many leagues as an entry requirement and the Home Office as part of requirements for the managed migration process. The historic 3 year accreditation cycle has been a victim of the pandemic, so there have been some amendments made and the ECB will continue to review to ensure it remains fit for purpose and add value for the clubs going through the process.

Clubmark Process for 2023

Clubs new to Clubmark or looking to reaccredit in 2023

The Clubmark criteria in 2023 will be consistent with those used in the 2022 accreditation process. See club guide here. 

A club will work with the Devon Cricket Board (DCB) to ensure documents are uploaded to the Clubmark portal and its SHMS is up to date, with the DCB then performing an initial review of evidence. Once the DCB is comfortable with the evidence provided it will submit the club's application to ECB for final review and accreditation.

The closing date for new applications from clubs will be 30th June 2023.

If you are interested in gaining Clubmark in 2023 please email Alex Jopling on


Clubs Accredited in 2022

We encourage clubs to stay on top of their admin so that any future requirements can be met easily.

There are two areas requiring additional assurance:

  • Safeguarding

Clubs must maintain an accurate representation of their volunteer base in Safe Hands Management System (SHMS) and shoudl be compliant by April 2023. 

  • Formal adoption of the ECB Anti-Discrimination Code

Clubs must ensure that they have formally adopted the ECB Anti-Discrimination Code at their AGM. 


You can access the Clubmark portal here -