The ECB Inspiring Generations Strategy challenges all cricket bodies and administrators to think about how we can create environments where the next generations see our sport as a “game for me”.  During 2022 all County Boards are tasked with creating a Facilities Strategy which identifies and addresses any issues which prevent cricket thriving in a community. In Devon we will initially be gathering data and consulting with a broad spectrum of the cricket community to encourage feedback and ideas to come forward.  Stake-holder teams are currently being set up to ensure that the effort is coordinated and focussed.

Devon cricket clubs will soon be consulted on facility priorities at their clubs, with the aim being to establish common themes.  Within the next few weeks, a “quick response” questionnaire will be circulated to all club secretaries and we would encourage every club to have their say, ideally through consultation with other members and officials to achieve a balanced viewpoint.  Any individual who thinks there is something essential to improve at their club, please consult with your club officials so that it gets captured on the questionnaire. 

Findings from this survey will be shared with the Devon cricket community, once the data is collated and analysed. It will also form an essential element of the overall County Facilities Strategy, due to be rolled out in the Autumn. Updates will be provided throughout the year.

Please contact Nick Goodliffe if you have any questions - 07801 178329 /