"Imagine a gender equal world. A world free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination. A world that's diverse, equitable, and inclusive. A world where difference is valued and celebrated. Together we can forge women's equality. Collectively we can all #BreakTheBias"


Today at Lords they celebrate the 'Evolution of Women's Cricket' and the work women have done to ensure that women have had access to and have been able to play the sport they love. The celebration starts with a symposium today and continues into November with an exhibition in the museum that contains artifacts that show that women have been playing cricket since the game began. The exhibition contains memorabilia from the women who pioneered and transformed the game, including an English Lady Cricket Costume worn in 1888 and the first ever women's World Cup from 1973, which predates the mens by several years. It truly is inspiring to see how far the women's game has come since the Victorians slowed the progress of the game, considering it 'most unladylike' 

Clare Taylor, a former England batter, who is speaking at the symposium comments 'The game has moved on incredibly. When I first started, women had separate clubs. Now everything is integrated...We are being taken seriously from all sorts of perspectives, from the quality of coaches to media interest to the growing right to criticise our peformance' 

The integration of the game in the Hundred and the high visibilty of women's games at Lords, as well as the work in schools with Chance to Shine and the ECBs committment to promoting the womens game, have inspired many to take up the bat and ball and give the game a go. And there has never been a better time to inspire women into the game with the Women's World Cup in full flow, the Commonwealth Games coming up and the return of the Hundred in the summer. The launch of the ECB's #wegotgame campaign to encourage more 15-24 year olds into the games could not have come at a better time. This campaign hopes to bring balance to the game as more women and girls play.

In Devon there is a proud history of women's cricket, but the last few seasons have seen an explosion on the game. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of clubs to break down the barriers, make clubhouses more inclusive and provide valued opportunities for women to play cricket, we continue to see the game grow. 

The committee of the Devon Women's Cricket League, who are all volunteers continue to dedicate their time to provide a well run league, see the league grow year on year - even attracting teams from out of the county. The 2022 season sees the additon of another team and the league moving to a three division structure to ensure that teams can play the cricket that is right for them and gives the league room for expansion in the future. For more details on the growing hardball league, click here.

Hannah Clark, Chair of the Devon Women's League comments ' Devon has a great history of women's cricket and the Devon Women's Cricket League is proud to play it's part in growing the game in the county. In recent years, we've seen the game boom in popularity and are delighted to be able to support women with a breadth of ages, abilities and experiences to enjoy the game we love. This year we enter new territory, with the introduction of a third hardball outdoor league, to complement our Super8s competition, indoor league and softball league. Looking for a new challenge? Look no further than becoming one of the many women taking part in cricket in Devon - there's something for everyone.'

As well as the hardball league, the softball league has also grown again this season by half the number of teams. New clubs are already booked into the monthly the turn up and play festivals over the summer and in Devon over a third of all clubs now offer some form of playing offer to women. 

Off the field, the opportunities given and being taken up by women in the game are clearly visible. This season we have 14 women booked onto the female only Foundation One Course, which will add to the 6 coaches already trained on the previous courses. That is 20 new coaches across Devon inspiring women and young girls at their clubs to see that they are an intergral part of the game in Devon. 

Whilst celebrating all the hard work by the cricket community of Devon to promote, build and integrate the women's game, there are still challenges ahead both on and off the field. It is hoped that with the solid foundation and the continued dedication of women in the county that all women in Devon will be able to turn up to any club and say that cricket is a game for them. #breakthebias #wegotgame