credit: Andy Tucker


Whether a season is successful or not can be measured in many different ways, and for this group of players this year it was never about how many games of cricket we can win (although that’s nice) but it was about how can they improve as cricketers and people.

Over the course of the season, Jason and I have witnessed many moments where successes have happened, from Albie playing a scoop to win the game on Pitch 1 at King’s in the final over to the excellent group camaraderie that was shown when Wazza took his maiden fifer. These are just two moments but there were so many others that could’ve been mentioned, which I think goes to show just how far this group have developed and improved, but also the potential they could reach over the next few years.

Thank you to Jason for all the hard work this year especially with the warm-ups! I know rumour has it that this is their favourite part of the day. Thank you to Lucy for scoring all year, and to all the clubs that hosted us. And last but not least thank you to the parents, you have been a superb cohort and really got behind and supported what myself and Jason have tried to implement, so thank you for that!