The ECB`s recommended formats for junior cricket for players in clubs, schools and talent environments (County and Development Cricket) will come into effect from 1st April 2019. The recommended formats will give children a great experience of playing cricket, allowing them to develop skills in an age and stage appropriate environment.

The recommended formats build upon the findings of a 3 year ECB / Loughborough University PhD research project, findings by other cricketing nations, most notably Cricket Australia and New Zealand, and feedback from Counties, Clubs, Schools and Junior Leagues.

These formats are designed to help young players progress at their own pace and play in games which are best suited to their age and/or ability.

The standardised formats that the ECB recommend focus on the following areas:

    • The appropriate number of players in a team to allow all players to be actively involved.
    • The appropriate length of pitch to allow bowlers and batters to progressively develop their skills, including running between the wickets.
    • Having appropriate boundary sizes to experience success, while also highlighting the importance of fielding.
    • Having an appropriate game length to keep players engaged but also allows opportunity for skill to develop.

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