Cricket Without Boundaries in Nepal, 2022<br>credit: Cricket Without Boundaries

Cricket Without Boundaries, a leading UK charity dedicated to using cricket as a vehicle for positive social change, has launched a special appeal for volunteers to join two-week "Cricket for Development" projects in East Africa and Nepal.

Join the Journey of Impact

Cricket Without Boundaries believes in the power of cricket to transcend boundaries, fostering positive change in communities around the world.

This unique volunteer opportunity offers individuals a chance to be part of an inspiring initiative that combines their love for cricket with meaningful social impact.

Project Highlights

Location: East Africa (Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda) and Nepal

Duration: Two weeks of immersive and impactful experiences

Dates: September to December 2024

Objective: To use cricket as a tool for education, health awareness, and community development.

What Volunteers Can Expect

Cricket Coaching: Engage with local communities through cricket coaching sessions, promoting the sport as a tool for physical fitness, teamwork, and personal development.

Health Awareness Workshops: Contribute to health awareness initiatives, focusing on vital issues such as HIV/AIDS prevention and general well-being.

Community Development: Collaborate with local partners on community development projects, leaving a lasting legacy beyond the cricket pitch.

Why Volunteer with Cricket Without Boundaries

Global Impact: Be part of a charity that has made a significant impact in using cricket for positive change globally.

Cultural Exchange: Immerse yourself in the rich cultures of East Africa and Nepal, building meaningful connections with local communities.

Personal Growth: Develop leadership, teamwork, and communication skills while making a tangible difference in the lives of others.

How to Get Involved

Visit for detailed information about the project and the application process.

Spread the Word: Help Cricket Without Boundaries reach passionate individuals who want to make a difference by sharing this appeal with friends, family, and colleagues.

About Cricket Without Boundaries

Cricket Without Boundaries is a UK-based charity committed to using cricket as a tool for social change. Through various projects and initiatives, the organization aims to empower communities, promote health awareness, and foster inclusivity.