Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Policy

Drafted October 2022

Devon CCC wishes to make itself safe and welcoming to all, reflecting the communities it serves and using the county game to bring people together from all walks of life. 

The County club is committed to working closely with the Devon Cricket Board, and wishes to align itself with ECB's objective of Inspiring Generations. 

Although one of Devon CCC’s objective is to inspire others through its position as an elite cricket-playing organisation, it is also supportive of the view that cricket is a sport that all can access and enjoy regardless of age, gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, background, or circumstances. 

The County strongly supports the principle of Inclusion and the means to its promotion. It is committed to embedding inclusive practice throughout its operations. The County is, however, obliged by ECB to select the majority of its players in National Counties’ competitive cricket from within the county community. 

The vast majority of the county’s supporters are Devon based, and they are encouraged to express their views on the way the county is run to the general committee. 

Devon CCC seeks to work more closely with the cricketing community across the county to enable its general committee better to understand areas of strength to be enhanced and weaknesses to be addressed so all can more enjoy the benefits of the county game. 

The development of such cooperation are timely in present post Covid-19 circumstances. Research by Sport England has shown that those from South Asian, Black and other ethnic backgrounds have seen exercise participation drop whilst the sporting participation gap between lower and higher socio-economic groups has widened. 

Devon CCC wishes to play its part in making cricket in the county more inclusive and diverse by focusing on several areas. These include: 

  • Introducing General Committee gender diversity of 30 per cent as well as ensuring the relevant policies and procedures are in place to support of a more inclusive and diverse organisation. 
  • General Committee recruitment objective to attract individuals from more diverse backgrounds and with a wider range of experiences and specialisms. 
  • Setting up a standardised approach to reporting, investigating and responding to complaints, allegations and whistle blowing. Annual review, and action to be taken, when necessary, on findings of individual cases. 
  • Ongoing EDI training as part of a programme involving County Boards, National Counties and the ECB. 
  • Reviewing dressing room culture based on ECB guidance. 
  • Liaising closely with DCB in support of players from diverse and underprivileged backgrounds on the talent pathway. 
  • Upgrade education, training and ongoing campaigns to ensure that players, volunteers and coaches appreciate and promote inclusion and diversity within the game.

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