Cricket is more than just a game, it’s a way of life for many people around the world.

However, for the sport to continue to thrive and evolve, it must be inclusive and welcoming to all. Devon Cricket recognises this and we are taking proactive steps to ensure that cricket is a game for everyone.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Defined

Equity means creating fair access, opportunities, and equal possible outcomes for all.

Diversity is the presence of differences that enrich where we play and work.

  • These differences can include visible and non-visible factors like the protected characteristics in the UK Equality Act 2010 as well as things like educational background, introvert/extrovert personalities, accent or culture.
  • It’s not only about inherent characteristics. We recognise that certain aspects of diversity can also be acquired over time, like parenting and caring responsibilities, military experience or language skills.

Inclusion means having a welcoming culture for all people where they feel valued and respected.

Intersectionality recognises that we all have multiple, overlapping identities that may impact our experience in different ways.

Our EDI Plan | #OneGame

In July 2022 we launched our EDI plan called #OneGame, detailing the progress we have made already and then aim to make over the next two years.

Devon Cricket is committed to building on the progress already made in the last few years and we have identified key areas for action: Women and Girls' Cricket, Diverse Communities and Disability. Across these areas there will be a focus on Governance and PolicyEducation and TrainingGrowing the Game and Creating Welcoming Environments.

Why EDI is important across cricket 

EDI enables us to build the strongest teams, inspire the most people, and achieve our purpose of improving lives and connecting communities. Cricket is a game steeped in history but if we are to remain relevant as a sport, we need to better reflect today’s society. By being inclusive of the people we interact with at all levels, we will continue to build a better understanding of how to truly be a game for everyone. 

There are a number of ways in which we can create a more welcoming and stronger game by delivering EDI. For example: 

  • Joining in: More people will feel confident to play, volunteer, attend, watch, and speak up when they believe they will be heard, valued and respected for who they are in cricket. 
  • Talent: We want great people with different perspectives and skills playing and working across all levels of cricket. We want to start from the broadest talent pool with people across backgrounds and support them with equitable opportunities to achieve their full potential – whether that’s on or off the pitch.
  • Commercial: As cricket continues to evolve, we’re excited to welcome more people than ever from different backgrounds as part of our strategic vision to grow and grow stronger. This includes growing revenue to invest back into all levels of cricket and working in collaboration with commercial partners to address mutual EDI opportunities.
  • Decision-making: Improved diversity of thought and perspectives can bring us more relevant innovation for how we will inspire generations and evolve what we do. It can also bring a better challenge to how we make decisions and manage risks across the game.
  • Brand: We recognise that everyone from players and parents to partner organisations want to be part of a sport that is socially and ethically responsible.

We need to make cricket more inclusive

As the governing body of cricket in Devon, we know that we must do more to make cricket an inclusive and welcoming sport. The brave and often distressing testimonies of racism and discrimination experiences in the game have been difficult to hear.

The ECB established the Independent Commission for Equity in Cricket (ICEC), which began work 2021 and is chaired by Cindy Butts. It was commissioned to report independently of the ECB on the state of equity in cricket.

The report and the ECB's response can be found on their website. In September 2023, the ECB also published details of further steps it will take to make cricket a more inclusive sport in response to the report.