The Emerging Player Programme (EPP) gets underway in the winter for those players who are invited to be part of the cohort.

The programme is designed for those players identified as having the necessary aptitude, attitude & athleticism to be potentially future elite cricketers. The programme in Devon focuses on developing players technically, tactically, mentally, physically and in lifestyle skills with the aim of producing a holistic player.

The purpose of the programme is to provide a pathway for the cricketers who have the potential to become members of a First Class County Academy or a Regional Development Programme.

Players are selected after the summer matches and they follow a programme of one-to-one and group coaching designed to give each player the best possible chance of reaching their potential.

In Devon, the players are first considered for selection on the EPP at Under 13 level, where the players are subject to ongoing appraisal and their place on the programme is continually reviewed.