What is Table Cricket?

Table cricket is an adapted format of the game from the Lord's Taverners that is designed to be accessible for people with disabilities, allowing them to participate in the game we all love. 

How does Table Cricket Work?

Table Cricket is played on a table tennis table by two teams of six. Every player gets the chance to bat, bowl and field. The bowler rolls the ball down the bowling ramp to the batter. The batter can score runs by hitting the ball into the different scoring zones, being careful to avoid the fielders! Table cricket helps improve not just coordination and cognitive skills, but also the teamwork and social skills of the players.

For a full guide on how table cricket is played, click the picture on the right for a Lord's Taverners video on the running of a game.

Table Cricket in Devon

In partnership with The Lord's Taverners and Active Devon, Devon Cricket are able to offer a programme of competition and coaching for schools across the County.

The Devon Ability Games provide the opportunity to learn the game before competing against other schools. This can be purely for fun but may also lead to an invitation to the County Finals hosted at the Devon Cricket Centre.