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Welcome to the 'Home Page' of DACO

Match Officials - both Umpires and Scorers - are essential to the game of cricket.

As part of the England & Wales Cricket Board Association of Cricket Officials (ECB ACO) DACO are committed to assist and support its members via Education and Training to help improve their enjoyment and raise the standard of all cricket played within Devon.

Devon is split into four districts (or areas), North, South, East and West, and the majority of activities are conducted locally at 'Branch Meetings' which meet regularly to discuss officiating matters.

The four areas are brought together at the DACO Management Committee.

Like many organisations, DACO relies heavily on volunteers to help the administration, and provide education and support for umpires and scorers as they either start their new hobby or aspire to go further.

If you would like to be involved, whether to become an Umpire or Scorer, update your education or just meet fellow officials to discuss our great game then please contact your local area.