Devon Association of Cricket Officials


1.1 The title shall be “Devon Association of Cricket Officials” (hereinafter referred to as the Association). The short title shall be Devon ACO. Devon ACO is a part of the ECB Association of Cricket Officials.


2.1 To promote in Devon the interests of cricket officials (specifically umpires and scorers) in particular, and cricket in general, in co-operation with all appropriate local bodies and branches of National Associations, and, where appropriate, similar bodies in neighbouring counties. The Association shall take account of and apply all ECB directives, regulations and guidance.


3.1 All fully paid-up members of ECBACO resident in, or with appropriate cricketing connections with, the cricketing county of Devon shall be eligible for membership of Devon


3.2 Membership of only one County Board ACO is allowed.

3.3 Affiliation to Devon ACO will be available to any other Association of cricket officials based within the cricketing county of Devon.

3.4 The Committee shall be empowered to nominate any individual for Honorary Life Membership of the ECBACO.

3.5 Annual Membership fees shall be paid to ECBACO. They will advise Devon ACO on a regular basis of the current members of Devon ACO.


4.1 Devon ACO shall be administered by a Committee consisting of the following officers:

Chairman (who shall exercise only a casting vote)



Education Officer

Appointments Officer

Scorers’ Officer

Performance Officer

Safeguarding Officer

Devon Cricket Foundation Rep (appointed by DCF)

4.2 The Committee may appoint a deputy for an elected officer, who shall be a Devon ACO member.

4.3 Each Affiliated Association may nominate one delegate, who shall be a Devon ACO member, to serve on the Committee and such delegate may fill any position on the Committee other than that of Chairman.

4.4 The following co-opted member roles, who shall be a Devon ACO member, shall also serve on the Committee but may not fill the position of Chairman: Webmaster

4.5 Officers other than delegates shall serve for 3 years and shall then retire on the following rotation. They will be eligible for re-election at the Annual General Meeting:

Year 1 Treasurer and Performance Officer

Year 2 Secretary and Education Officer

Year 3 Chairman, Appointments Officer, and Scorers’ Officer

4.6 The Committee shall administer the affairs of the Association, meeting at least 4 times annually.

4.7 At any Committee meeting, the quorum shall be 3.

4.8 If necessary, the Committee may co-opt members between AGMs.

4.9 Sub-Committees as appropriate may be established and may include members other than full Committee members.


5.1 Chairman

5.1.1 To conduct each meeting in accordance with good practice. He will normally represent the Association on appropriate county and national bodies and may, if he is unavailable, nominate a deputy to attend in his stead.

5.2 Secretary

5.2.1 To conduct all Association correspondence.

5.2.2 To keep minutes of all committee and general meetings.

5.2.3 To notify all members of meetings.

5.3 Treasurer

5.3.1 To maintain the Association’s accounts.

5.3.2 To manage the Association’s bank account (signatories to be any two from Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer)

5.3.3 To receive all monies due to the Association from whatever source.

5.3.4 To pay all accounts. Any payment in excess of £500 must be approved by the Committee.

5.3.5 To prepare a statement of accounts for each committee meeting and accounts that have been independently reviewed.

5.3.6 To ensure that the Association’s accounts are available for inspection by the Committee, Devon Cricket Foundation and ECBACO.

5.4 Education Officer

5.4.1 To co-ordinate all ECB training courses, CPD development sessions and examinations for umpires within the county.

5.4.2 To ensure all relevant information is passed on to tutors and assessors within the Association.

5.4.3 To ensure all necessary training and examination material is available as and when required.

5.5 Appointments Officer

5.5.1 To co-ordinate the appointments of members within the Association and make such appointments as may be required of the Association. Members must have current Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) clearance [previously Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) clearance] for any appointments to matches.

5.6 Scorers’ Officer

5.6.1 To co-ordinate all ECB training courses and examinations for scorers within the county.

5.6.2 To ensure all relevant information is passed on to tutors and assessors within the Association.

5.6.3 To ensure all necessary training and examination material is available as and when required.

5.6.4 To raise awareness of scorers throughout the county.

5.7 Performance Officer

5.7.1 To co-ordinate the assessments of all members within the Association.

5.8 Safeguarding Officer

5.8.1 To provide advice and assistance on safeguarding and child protection. The Association adopts the ECB’s safeguarding policy to protect children in cricket – “Safe Hands – Cricket’s Policy for Safeguarding Children”.


6.1 Webmaster

6.1.1 To manage the website of the Association.


7.1 To support the officer in the execution of his duties, deputise for the officer at meetings, and take over the officer’s role in his absence.


8.1 The Devon ACO Financial Year will run from 1 October to 30 September.

8.2 An Annual General Meeting shall be held NOT LATER THAN 31st March in each year.

8.3 The meeting will:

  • Consider and adopt Annual Accounts
  • Confirm training and examination arrangements for the following close season.
  • Elect Committee members on the above rotation.
  • Appoint an Independent Reviewer.
  • Consider any other business.

8.4 At an AGM, the quorum shall be the lower of 20 or 5% of current Devon ACO members as at the date of the AGM.


9.1 An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the Committee or by 20 members of the ECBACO who are members of Devon ACO.

9.2 It shall discuss only the business on the notice of the meeting.

9.3 The quorum for such a meeting shall be 20.


10.1 General Meetings shall be notified at least 28 days in advance.

10.2 Nominations and resolutions, properly proposed and seconded, must be lodged with the Secretary 14 days before the meeting and circulated to the membership no less than 7 days before the meeting.10.3 Proposals and nominations by the Committee shall be included in the notice of the meeting.

10.4 Motions calling for an EGM must be lodged with the Secretary to meet the above timescale. The meeting shall take place within 6 weeks of the receipt of the application.

10.5 Proposals to amend the Constitution must follow the above procedure.

10.6 Voting at General Meetings will normally be by a show of hands with a simple majority of those Devon ACO members present and voting carrying the motion.

10.7 In cases where a change to the Constitution is concerned, the motion shall be carried by two-thirds of those Devon ACO members present and voting.


11.1 The Committee shall be responsible for the interpretation of this Constitution and shall decide on any matter on which this Constitution is silent.


12.1 No discussion shall take place on a motion unless it has been properly proposed and seconded.

12.2 All discussion shall be through the Chair and not between individuals.

12.3 An amendment to a motion must be properly proposed and seconded and must be read out by the Chairman before it is discussed.

12.4 Only one amendment shall be considered at a time.

12.5 The order of discussion shall be:

  • First, the amendment.
  • If the amendment is defeated, any subsequent amendment may then be proposed.
  • If the amendment is carried then it becomes the substantive motion and any further amendment may then be moved.
  • No second amendment shall be discussed until the first has been decided.

12.6 The decision of the Chairman on any point of order shall be final