The Club shall be known as the Devon County Cricket Club.


a). The Club shall be a member of the National Counties Cricket Association (“the Association”) and shall compete in the County Championship and any other competitions organised by, or on behalf of, the Association. The Club shall also, when qualified to do so, take part in competitions organised by or on behalf of the England and Wales Cricket Board (“ECB”).

b). The Club, in support of Devon Cricket, shall co-operate with the other members of the Devon Cricket Board (or any successor to that board) in fostering the organisation and development of cricket generally within the County and in particular inspiring all generations to participate in cricket and to support the game with the aim of promoting the game in Devon as the pinnacle of the recreational game.

c). The Club shall aim to maintain a close relationship with all the constituent members of the Devon Cricket Board as an integral part of the transition from the youth age teams, run by the Devon Cricket Board, to adult cricket and in particular representing Devon at an adult level.

d) in co-operation with the First-Class counties the Club will ensure that there are opportunities and encouragement for those with the appropriate talent to progress into the professional game and that a player pathway remains open to late developers.

e) The Club is open to persons who love, play and support cricket regardless of age, sex, sexual persuasion, nationality and ethnic background or origin and its policy is to encourage equality, diversity, and inclusion in all that it does for the advancement of cricket in the County of Devon.

f) The Club shall serve its players and Members effectively in a professional manner and with the highest standards.


a) County Cricket Colours

The County Cricket Colours shall be navy black, gold and sky-blue with a lion rampant in sky- blue on the cap and blazer. The tie shall be navy blue with rows of lions rampant. These colours may be worn only by those players to whom a County Cap has been awarded. The sweater, which is embroidered with the general colours, may be worn by players who have represented the County in at least five County Championship  matches in official competitions.

b) General Colours

A Member’s tie in the general striped colours of black, gold and sky- blue may be worn by any Member.


(a) The Honorary Officers of the Club shall be the President, the Chairman, the Chief Executive, the Finance Director, the Director of Cricket, the Membership Manager, the Lions Manager of any Development XI run by the Club, and the Captain of the County team. All such posts shall be honorary. 

(b) The General Committee shall consist of the Honorary Officers listed in 4(a) (other than the President), up to five additional members elected or appointed by the Members at the Annual General meeting of the Club and any person appointed pursuant to 4(g) or 4(i). 

(c) Effective from the date of adoption of these revised Rules of the Club, each of the Officers other than the President shall be appointed to their office for a three year term and shall be eligible as of right for re-appointment to such office for two further terms of three years each. 

(d) The Club recognises the need for diversity in the membership of its General Committee that is representative of the cricketing community in the County of Devon and is committed to seeking a more diverse representation on the General Committee. 

(e) Details of the role and responsibilities of each of the Officers shall be prepared and amended by the General Committee from time to time and such details shall be shown on the Club’s website. 

(f) One third of the total membership of the General Committee shall constitute a quorum.

(g) The General Committee shall have the power to appoint other officers of the Club from time to time as it deems necessary. Such officers shall only be members of the General Committee if it so decides.

(h) All the Honorary Officers of the Club listed in 4(a), the other members of the General Committee, the Honorary Medical Officer, the Honorary Safeguarding Officer, and the Examiner of the Club Accounts shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

(i) The General Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancies that may occur and to co-opt additional members as required from time to time.

(j) The management of the Club shall be vested in and the responsibility of the General Committee.

(k) The General Committee shall appoint a Selection Committee and such other committees or sub committees from time to time, as it shall deem appropriate and delegate such of its powers to such committees and sub committees as it thinks fit.

(l) The General Committee shall formulate its own rules of procedure and those of any committees or sub committees it appoints. Voting at any meeting of the General Committee shall be by show of hands or if the chairman of the meeting so decides by secret ballot. A simple majority shall prevail on any vote taken.

5.        CAPTAIN

The Captain for the ensuing season shall be appointed by the General Committee at its meeting next preceding the Annual General Meeting of the Club and such appointment shall be reported by the Chairman or Chief Executive to the Annual General Meeting.


(a) Membership of the Club shall be open to all who support the game of cricket and the objectives of the Club. Applications for membership shall be made on a form prescribed by the General Committee

(b) Membership categories shall comprise:

     (i) Honorary Life Membership

      (ii) Honorary Life Vice-Presidents 

      (iii) Vice-presidents

     (iv) Ordinary Membership (which shall include Life Membership under 6 (d) below) 

      (v)  Players (County and Lions/Academy)

(vi) Junior Membership. A Member shall qualify as a Junior Member if under the age of 19 on the 1 September of the previous year

       (vii) Corporate Membership

       (viii) Devon cricket clubs (affiliation)

(ix) Such other categories of Membership as the Members shall from time to time decide.

(c) The General Committee may recommend that a Member be elected as an Honorary Life Member or Honorary Life Vice-President of the Club in recognition of particular outstanding contributions to or services for the Club. The General Committee shall present such recommendation to the Members at the Annual General Meeting of the Club who shall vote upon such recommendation.

(d) The General Committee may, upon an application of a Member allow such Member to become a Life Member of the Club upon payment of such subscription as the General Committee may decide 

(e) Subscription rates and affiliation fees shall be set annually by the General Committee and confirmed at the Annual General Meeting.

(f) The membership year shall run from 1st April in each year to the following 31st March. All subscriptions shall be due no later than 1st May each year. Any Member whose subscription is unpaid on 1st June shall be deemed to have resigned and shall not subsequently be re-admitted to membership of the Club until all arrears have been paid to the satisfaction of the Finance Director. 


Payment of the required rate of subscription shall entitle a Member to the following privileges:

i. Admission, upon production of their membership card, to all County Championship matches and other competitions organised by the Association which are played by the Club in Devon against other members of the Association and such other matches organised by the Club as the General Committee shall from time to time decide. In the case of matches involving a First-Class County the General Committee may, in its absolute discretion, decide that Members shall be charged for admission. Car parking cannot be guaranteed and where available a charge may be made.

ii. Admission, upon production of their membership card, to a Members’ Enclosure on all grounds outside Devon on which the Club may be playing on payment of any ground admission charges required by the home County.

iii. The right to attend, upon production of their membership card, such events as may be organised by the Club from time to time

iv A copy of the Devon County Cricket Yearbook (if published.)

v Regular email updates on events and results 

8.        ASSETS (including Funds)

The assets of the Club shall be vested in the General Committee, which shall be entirely responsible for the control, maintenance, keeping adequate financial reserves, banking, and general management: including the disposal of such assets upon dissolution of the Club.

The funds of the Club shall be invested as the General Committee shall determine and the banking account shall be maintained at the Nat West Bank Plc or such other Banks as recommended by the Finance Director and agreed by the General Committee.


a) All players and officials are reminded that not only the reputation of the Club but also the good name of cricket is in their hands when they are representing the Club both on and off the field. They are bound by the Spirit of Cricket and such other policies and regulations issued from time to time by the ECB and the Association. In particular, the Club has, for itself, its Members and those playing for the Club, adopted and implemented the ECB  Safe hands – Cricket’s policy for safeguarding children. Additionally, the Club has, also adopted and implemented the ECB Anti-Discrimination Code Version 2022 plus their own Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) policy and, will comply with such policy and adhere to any alterations to that policy and any future versions and policies substituted for it. 

b) Any breach of this Constitution and Rules shall be dealt with by the General Committee which shall have the power, duty, and authority to investigate and deal with any such breach or alleged breach which it shall do in a fair and equitable manner. The General Committee shall have the right and power to take such action as it sees fit in respect of any breach of this Constitution and Rules including disciplining or expelling any  player or Member.

c) When it is considered there has been a breach of this Constitution and Rules, then the following procedure shall be followed:

i. The Chief Executive shall serve upon the alleged offender a notice in writing, specifying the general nature of the complaint and requiring the Member or player to appear before the General Committee or a disciplinary committee appointed by it to answer such complaint not less than ten working days after the date of such notice. 

ii. The alleged offender shall be entitled to give evidence at such hearing and to call any witnesses. After hearing all the evidence, the General Committee or as applicable the disciplinary committee may on a ballot vote, and with a two-thirds majority of those present in favour of their decision, warn the Member or player as to their future conduct, or require them to serve a particular period of suspension, or terminate their membership of the Club.

iii. The Club will support disciplinary action taken against any player or member by any ECB affiliated organisations including the Devon Cricket League and shall consider the behaviour which led to such disciplinary action in considering whether there has been a breach of this Constitution and Rules.


The Annual General Meeting shall usually be held on the last Thursday in March and in any event before the 1st April at a date, time and place determined by the General Committee. Every Member in good standing shall be given at least fourteen days’ notice of the meeting, with copies of the agenda, the Chief Executive’s and Finance Director’s Reports, and examined accounts.

Notice in writing must be given to the Chief Executive by the first of January in any year of any motion which a Member desires to move or the names of any officials or General Committee members to be proposed at the Annual General Meeting.  Any person proposed must have given his consent to such nomination to the satisfaction of the Chief Executive.

A Special General Meeting shall be called by the General Committee at the request of thirty or more Members of the Club. Such request shall state the matter or matters to be discussed, and fourteen days’ notice at least shall be given to all Members of the date, object, time and place of the meeting.

Voting at the Annual General Meeting and any Special General Meeting shall be by show of hands or if  the chairman of the meeting so decides by secret ballot. A simple majority shall prevail on any vote taken.


A General Meeting shall have the power to alter the foregoing Constitution and Rules, notice of the proposed change having been given as indicated in Rule 9.

Note: A copy of this Constitution and Rules shall be sent to all paid-up Members and Affiliated Clubs and given to all new Members upon admission.