The Devon team that won promotion from Division Two West in 2022. Back (left to right): Tall, Skeemer, Goodey, Thompson, Whitlock, Haggett, Szymanski, Walliker; front: Beaumont, Small, Shepherd, Stephens, Horler, Hamilton<br>credit: Conrad Sutcliffe
  Minor Counties Championship
Winners 1978 v Durham
  1994 v Lincolnshire
  1995 v Cambridgeshire
  1996 v Norfolk
  1997 v Bedfordshire
  2004 v Bedfordshire (joint)
  2006 v Buckinghamshire
  2011 v Cambridgeshire
Runners up 1954 second behind Surrey II. Play-off drawn
  1968 second behind Yorkshire II. Play-off declined
  1992 v Staffordshire – defeated in play-off at Worcester
  2003 v Lincolnshire – defeated in play-off at Cleethorpes
  2024 v Buckinghamshire – defeated in play-off at WB Dartmouth
  NCCA Championship – Division Two West
Winners 2022 – promoted to Division One West

The 2014 Unicorns Trophy-winning team after their victory over Oxfordshire







Opposition Year Venue
v Staffordshire 1992 New Road, Worcester
v Lincolnshire 1994 Lord's Cricket Ground
v Shropshire 1998 Lord's Cricket Ground
v Berkshire 2008 Lord's Cricket Ground
v Oxfordshire 2014 Getty Ground, Wormsley
v Staffordshire 1991 Lord's Cricket Ground
v Norfolk 2001 Lord's Cricket Ground
v Warwickshire 2002 New Road, Worcester
v Cheshire 2018 Getty Ground, Wormsley


Opposition Year Venue
v Hertfordshire CCC 1968 Stevenage
v Staffordshire CCC 1978 Torquay
v Leicestershire CCC 1979 Grace Rd
v Cornwall CCC (W) 1980 Exeter
v Warwickshire CCC   Edgbaston
v Leicestershire CCC 1983 Grace Rd
v Sussex CCC 1984 Hove
v Warwickshire CCC 1985 Edgbaston
v Notts CCC 1986 Exmouth
v Worcestershire CCC 1987 New Road
v Notts CCC 1988 Torquay
v Somerset CCC 1990 Torquay
v Essex CCC 1991 Exmouth
v Kent CCC 1992 Canterbury
v Derbyshire CCC 1993 Exmouth
v Yorkshire CCC 1994 Exmouth
v Sussex CCC 1995 Hove
v Essex CCC 1996 Chelmsford
v Leicestershire CCC 1997 Exmouth
v Yorkshire CCC 1998 Exmouth
v Berkshire CCC (W) 1999 Torquay
v Worcestershire CCC   Exmouth
v Staffs  (W) CCC 2000 Torquay
v Surrey  CCC 2000 Exmouth
v Shropshire CCC (L) 2001 Shrewsbury
v Bedfordshire CCC (W) * 2001 Exmouth
v Yorkshire  CCC 2002 Exmouth
v Cumberland CCC (W) + 2002 Exmouth
v Lancashire  CCC 2003 Exmouth
v Suffolk CCC (W) § 2003 Exmouth
v Leicestershire CCC 2004 Exmouth
v Yorkshire CCC 2004 Exmouth
v Essex  CCC 2005 Exmouth
* qualfier for 2002 season     
+ qualifier for 2003 season    
§ qualifier for 2004 season    

In the course of the C&G Trophy and its predecessors, the Nat West Trophy and the Gillette Cup Devon made 33 appearances and Devon players won 13 man-of-the-match Awards. In 2004 the county succeeded in beating a First Class county for the first time when Leicestershire were defeated at Exmouth.