More than 20,000 children experienced cricket during the 2021/22 academic year across the 163 schools that Devon Cricket visited in Devon.

"Inspiring and meeting the needs of all pupils across the school."

Our Schools Delivery Report 2021/22 has now been published.

Some of the standout figures from the report include:

  • Over 17,750 children coached across 146 primary schools.
    • An increase of 22% on the previous academic year.
  • Over 1,500 girls coached across 18 girls' secondary schools.
  • Over 200 hours of SEN and Table Cricket delivered in 12 schools.

Our plan for 2022/23:

  • To deliver in a greater number of schools where over 40% of children are eligible for free school meals.
  • To increase our delivery in Special Educational Needs schools.
  • To administer and deliver all state secondary school competition.

If your school is interested in cricket delivery, please contact one of our Club and Community Coaches.