County Age Group Cricket is the second level within the Performance Pathway, and aims to further develop talented players identified within the pathway.

2023/24 - Winter Training Focuses for Devon Cricket Performance Pathway Coaches 



  • Weight Transfer – Head and front shoulder leading towards the line of the ball.

  • Maintaining weight transfer through contact.

  • Positive pick up of the bat (toe of bat pointing to sky, with top hand in line with back hip) to allow a full bat swing.


  • Awareness of how to use hands to add/remove pace to improve lower risk scoring options.

  • Develop the ability to create scoring opportunities against spin and pace.

  • Awareness of positive running between the wickets and develop clear and effective communication to aid this.



  • Run-up and delivery, rhythmical, balanced and aligned to batter's off stump.

  • Maximise energy transfer from action to the ball at point of release and continue towards batter's off stump through completion of action and follow-through. 

  • Spinners ensuring continuation of energy towards target through completion of action (180°) and follow through. Creating more lateral spin and dip.


  • Consistency - be aware and develop the ability to challenge the stumps.

  • Be aware and develop the ability to set appropriate fields to bowling plans.



  • Low and side on squat position at pick-up.

  • Overarm throwing technique - Wide base, full arm span, back hip and shoulder of throwing arm power towards the target. 


  • Be aware and develop a desire to attack, pick-up and release the ball quickly. (Long barriers banned)

  • Develop the ability to perform a variety of catches.

  • Develop awareness to be ready to field and influence the game, every ball.

  • Develop the ability to anticipate the actions of the batter.