In Devon we now have a thriving and active girl's legue which creats a pathway from under 11s softball through to women's softball and hardball cricket. Every the opportuntities to play grow and girl's can acess the cricket that they want to play. 

It is still important to support the girls playing outside the league structure with events for new players, events for those who would like to improve and events that are simply cricket for the fun of it! All of these events are detailed below: 



These festivals are organised so that new under 11 and 13 softball teams have meaningful opportuntities to play. The festivals encourage all to come and play, so if you are not able to get a team together, you can still enter and we will put you into teams when you arrive. 

These festivals are not intended for the teams that are entered into the leagues, but league players can come and support newer players to develop. 

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During 2020 we ran girl's competitions, as due to Covid there was a limited amount of cricket. These competitions have now become a regular feature of the cricketing calendar. 

These competittions include the hardball Super 8s competitions run by Devon Cricket, as well as the softball competitions which are sponsored by the Lady Taverners.

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We now end the season each year with this immensely fun event based on the 'Colour Me Run' events. The team work together to collect 'colours' from a bingo board. After the game they then enter the 'Colour Zone' where they collect their powder colours. Great fun was had by all - coaches and girls alike and we are looking forward to repeating the event this year! 

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A fantastic day full of colour and fun and an ideal way to end the season for the clubs! 



This one day event is supported by Western Storm and run by Devon Cricket Foundation. The event is designed for girls aged 13-17. The day is structured to build confidence and skills to support adults to lead groups and session at the club. It is a reward programme and each girl will receive Western Storm rewards with the more hours they volunteer. 

The programme not only engages the girls in their frst experiences of running sessions, but is a positive start to their journey in the caching pathway. 


If you would like to help inspire your young lady to play cricket, why not click the picture to find out all about what drives Heather Knight, the England Captain, who started her cricket career here in Devon, playing for Plymstock Cricket Club. #devongirlscan


If you have any question about the above events, then please do not hesitate to contact Ann-Marie Presswell, Women and Girls Development Officer. This is a really exciting time for girls cricket and it would be great to see you involved!