Rule changes for 2022 highlighted in bold type 

1 NAME: The competition shall be known as the Aaron Printers Cup and shall be open to all cricket clubs in the area covering Torquay, Paignton, Brixham, Newton Abbot, Totnes and Bovey Tracey. 

2 ADMINISTRATION: The competition shall be governed by a committee consisting of the president, chairman, secretary, treasurer and five other members as elected from the general committee at the annual meeting. The executive committee shall have the power to co-opt members for specific purposes. 

3 CONSTITUTION: The general committee referred to in rule two shall consist of the above-mentioned officers plus one representative of each competing club. 

4 POWERS: The executive committee shall be empowered to:

a) Draft new rules.

b) Arrange fixtures by means of a draw or draws.

c) Arrange insurance and any other business that may be urgent.

d) Consider appeals or protests. In these cases the club or clubs concerned may be represented by an official, but such representative shall not be allowed to vote, or be present while the committee arrives at its decision. 

e) Rule on the eligibility of players. 

5 FINANCE: Finance shall be dealt with by and through an account with a bank and any cheques shall be signed by two of the following officials: The chairman, the secretary or the treasurer.

Subscriptions shall be in the form of an entrance fee of £15 and shall be payable no later than the date of the annual meeting. The level of subscriptions will be fixed at the annual meeting. Cheques (payable to Narracott Cup) should be sent to the treasurer, Carol Comber at 7 St Johns Street, Newton Abbot TQ12 2DQ. Electronic payments can be made to Narracott Cup | sort code: 30-84-67 | account number 31877260 

The financial year for the competition will end on September 30 each year. 

6 ANNUAL MEETING: The annual meeting shall be by December 31 in any year or later than February 28 the following year. 

7 PLAYING CONDITIONS: Rules of play shall be those of the 2000 Code of the Laws of Cricket with the following exceptions.

a) Each innings shall consist of no more than 20 six-ball overs.

b) No player may bowl more than four overs. 

c) In all games a minimum of four fielders plus the bowler and wicketkeeper must be within a 30-metre ring at the point of delivery.

d) The side scoring the greatest number of runs shall be deemed the winners.

e) In the event of a tie the side losing the least number of wickets will be declared the winner. If the wickets fallen are the same the side scoring the greater number of sixes shall be the winner. And if there is still no outcome the winner will be the side scoring most fours from the bat. 

f) All matches must start by 6.15pm on the day arranged. If either side is not at full strength or ready to commence at the same time, that side must begin batting or fielding with as many players as are ready. No substitutes for late arrivals will be allowed and a player arriving more than 15 minutes late will not be allowed to bowl until the same period of time has elapsed. Substitutes for injured players will be allowed, as per the 2000 code. 

g) In all rounds up to and including the semi-finals, both teams will provide a new ball to be used in the match and lodge it with the umpires before the toss. The competition will supply two new balls for the final. Each club will provide their own spare ball, which must be approved by and lodged with the umpires before play commences. 

8 ELIGIBILITY: Eligible players. These are bona fide playing members of each competing club. A player may play for only one competing club in the same season. Players who play for one club in the Devon Cricket League will not be allowed to play for a different one in this competition.

Guidelines for eligibility

The competition is intended to compliment the existing T20 cups already in existence.

a) It is open to any team competing in the Tolchards Devon League from and including the A Division downwards. Premier Division clubs cannot enter

b) Any player at a Premier club who has appeared in more than 10 games in the Premier Division for his own club the previous season is not allowed to play. See also clause d)

Players who have transferred in from a club at a higher level since the previous season will be ineligible to play, subject to the ten-or-more provision

c) No player who has played cricket at Minor Counties/Unicorns Championship, First Class county 2ndXI level (List D) or above in the previous or current season shall be eligible for registration to play in the competition. Any player who plays at a game in any of the levels above during the current season will become ineligible for the Aaron Printers Cup.

Overseas players who have appeared at a level equivalent to Australian First Grade or above are barred from the competition. In case of doubt, clubs should contact the secretary with details of any overseas players they would like to register.Overseas players whose home cricket is Premier standard or higher cannot be registered under any circumstances, age-related or otherwise. 

d) Any player aged under 19 at midnight on August 31 in the year preceding the current season will be eligible to play in the competition even if they have played more than 10 Premier-level games (see clause b). This exemption does not apply to players who come under the scope of clauses a) and b) and c).

c) To comply with the 2010 ECB Directive for players aged U13 the following shall apply. Junior players in Year 8 at school (under 13 at midnight on August 31 in the year preceding the current season) can play in open-age cricket providing explicit written consent from a parent or guardian to play in open-age cricket has been obtained prior to play.

The existing player profile dated November 2008 contained in Safe Hands is NOT sufficient. This requirement recognises that parents or guardians have to be aware of the significance of allowing their young child to participate in open-age cricket, rather than purely junior cricket. Any player in Year 7 or at school below (under 12 at midnight on August 31 in the year preceding the current season) is prohibited from playing in the competition.

e) The executive committee undertakes to scrutinise lists prior to the commencement of the competition. Such vetting should take place in the first week of May. 

9 REGISTRATION Each club shall be limited to a registration list 32 players. Additional players may be registered for matches up to but not including the semi-final and final. Additional requests for registration must be received by the secretary at least 24 hours before the player named can play in a match. Playing an unregistered player means automatic expulsion. 

10 ENTRIES: Closing date for entries. All entries must be received in writing by the date of the annual meeting. 

11 UMPIRES. Umpires will be appointed to all matches by the DACO. Umpires are each entitled to claim the appropriate fee as fixed from time to time by DACO. Currently £20. The fee is to be paid by the captains of the two sides. 

12 THE DRAW. The first-round draw will be made at the end of the annual meeting. Draws for subsequent rounds all the way to the semi-finals will be made on the same night. Matches to be played on Thursday nights starting from the second Thursday in May. The semi-final and final will be played on a date and at a venue determined by the executive committee. 

The side drawn first will have home advantage, unless otherwise specified by the executive committee. The semi-finals and final will be played on neutral grounds. 

13 SCORERS: Each club shall appoint a scorer for its own matches. For the final, the executive committee will nominate an official scorer. 

14 DRESS: All players must be appropriately dressed. 

15 BATSMEN: The ingoing batsman must pass the outgoing batsman on the field of play. The only exception to this is when two or more wickets fall from consecutive balls. 

16 RESULTS: The results of all matches must be uploaded on Play-Cricket within 48 hours of the match. The names of all 11 players including those who did not bat must be entered. It is the responsibility of the home captain to ensure the result is recorded.

17 ABANDONED/CANCELLED GAMES: For all abandoned games up to the semi- final stage, where a reserve date has been fixed, a replay shall take place within 10 days. Home clubs must inform the competition secretary within 24 hours of any cancellation due to weather conditions. 

18 AWARDS: The two teams competing in the final will receive suitable mementos of the occasion. The Aaron Printers Cup will be presented to the captain of the winning side. The Ted Dickinson Trophy will be awarded to the Man of the Match. Both trophies must be returned suitably engraved to the competition secretary by June 1 the following year.

19 PROTESTS: All protests must be made in writing or by email to the secretary within 48 hours of the match ending. 

20 DISCIPLINE: In all matters of discipline the current ECB code of conduct and Spirit of Cricket Model Discipline regulations will apply. In the event of a dispute over any ruling, the Devon Cricket Board is empowered to arbitrate. 

21 SAFEGUARDING: Safeguarding & Protecting Children Policy. The policy is posted on the Aaron Printers Cup pages of the DCB website. If required a copy will be available from the secretary.

22 EXECUTIVE POWERS: The decision of the executive committee on all matters shall be final.