County Cricket Boards across England and Wales were tasked with evaluating the needs of cricket facilities in their county as the game continues to evolve and grow.

After almost 12 months of research, consultation and engagement with all stakeholders across the county, the Devon Cricket Facilities Strategy has now been published and can be found on our Facilities Strategy page.

In addition, a hard-copy Summary Report has been produced and will be issued to each DCB-affiliated cricket clubs over the coming period, with a digital version available here. The Summary Report contains the key findings of the study and a QR code link to the main Facilities Strategy report.

Whilst considering the future needs for cricket, the strategy also focuses on the importance of existing infrastructure to the ongoing sustainability of clubs and the need to protect and develop vulnerable assets.

The main report includes a 23-point action plan which clubs are encouraged to read, understand and identify where their development plans can align with these objectives. Clubs are also encouraged to liaise with the DCB in order to progress any priority developments.

Nick Goodliffe, Devon Cricket  Funding and Facilities Manager has led the investigation and was responsible for compiling the stratetgy report. He commented, "First and foremost, this is a development plan that will hopefully fit for our cricket community in Devon. It considers some of the issues that are more unique to an equally split rural and urban demographic, yet still largely aligns with the key themes identified within the ECB 'Inspiring Generations' master plan.

"After such a comprehensive effort to produce this strategy, it would be fulfilling to work with those who are driven to develop their needs in conjunction with the key objectives in the report. I would urge clubs and other stakeholders to study the report and get in touch with me so that we can help, wherever possible,  to make their ideas and needs, become reality."