It was amazing to have a Devon Cricket coach in at Teign School as it has ignited interest in girls' cricket with so many students from the project inspired, and now continuing with cricket club even into the winter term and playing regional and out of school competitions.

"It was an amazing opportunity for the students to have Eloise in to coach them during their PE lessons. They all developed their knowledge and understanding of cricket. Some students who have not had this type of opportunity before, developed a real love for the game and did not want the block of cricket to end. We are extremely thankful for Eloise's sessions and the students did not want her to leave" Miss Hannis-Smith

Last academic year, Devon Cricket ran the Chance to Shine Leadership Programme alongside the ECB #WeGotGame initiative in 6 schools. These sessions were run by Eloise Maxa, Hollie Perkin and Jasper Presswell - young coaches who are ideal for inspiring young females to play cricket. The programme runs for 6 weeks in the summer months. It focuses on the basic skills of the game at the beginning and then introduces elements of gameplay, ending in an intra-school tournament.'I really enjoyed the cricket I participated in at school, I felt like I learned a lot of tips and tricks! I think I improved most on my bowling because it had never been broken it down into steps before. I also really enjoyed the games we played at the end of the lesson!' said Lilia who took part in the programme at Teign School, Kingsteignton

Each year we choose a 'Secondary School of the Year'. This is the school that has embraced the programme to the full - the students and staff engaged, took part in the leadership opportunities and also used it as a stepping stone to create further opportunities for girls to play cricket. This year, Teign School was that school. 

The school fully embraced the opportunities given to them. This started with staff CPD, so that when Eloise came in, the staff were able to support her fully with the sessions that she delivered. The students embraced and took on the aspects of the programme, using the sessions as a stepping stone to build an after-school club. "The cricket was a really fun experience. It helped me develop my cricket skills and improve all together. The sessions were fun and interactive for everyone. I especially liked playing the different and unique games that we would not usually do, and I think it inspired lots of people to get involved in cricket. The sessions also helped with our communication and leadership skills by helping people and stepping up into the leadership role it developed our knowledge of the game. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience and I'm lucky to have taken part" Student – Grace 

The school also engaged in the Chance to Shine Leadership Programme. This day equipped cricketers with the skills to lead activities and sessions for small groups and then to umpire and score games. Grace said: "The sessions also helped with our communication and leadership skills by helping people and stepping up into the leadership role  developed our knowledge of the game."

The enthusiasm was such that the school had to enter the Chance to Compete Outdoor Secondary School Competition last summer - and they were under 13s runners up! 

"As a head of department, I could not be more grateful for the support that we have received with girls cricket. Having Eloise in was just amazing. She inspired girls and really got them into the game. Having another pair of hands made a huge difference to the opportunities we could offer to our students. The cricket leaders that were also developed as part of this project last year have already started asking when they can next get involved. I am so excited to see this sport continue to build " Miss Wylie, Head of PE

Teign School have already been in contact with Devon Cricket this academic year to book in refreshers, look at another Chance to Shine leadership initiative for new girls and to enter competitions and they have already started their winter cricket club. 

"The way Teign School have embraced the whole programme has been really impressive. Eloise has clearly had a very positive impact on the students and staff that she met, which has sparked a new culture and desire to play cricket in the school. It is everything we have hoped for from the programme." said Ann-Marie Presswell, the Women and Girls Development Officer who co-ordinates the programme. 

Devon Cricket are now looking for schools to be involved in the summer programme for the academic year 2023/24. If your school is interested in developing cricket in your school, then please contact Ann-Marie Presswell, who will help develop a programme for your school around this offer.