Devon Cricket are hosting a Club Facilities and Grounds Seminar on December 5.

The seminar will be approximately two hours long and will give clubs a chance to participate in discussions on facilities and grounds maintenance needs.

Date: Tuesday, December 5

Time: 7pm

Location: Exeter Court Hotel, Kennford, Exeter EX6 7UX

Additionally, it will provide the opportunity to brief clubs on the recently released Devon Cricket Facilities Strategy and its action plan, and to understand current opportunities for funding support and eligibility criteria for a variety of club projects.

We would also like to invite club groundskeepers to better understand their priority needs and ideas for improvement. It is intended that 'on-site' groundskeeping training will be rolled out in 2024, so this will be the perfect opportunity to provide information to help structure the most effective training package and for clubs to have their say in what is required in all aspects of cricket groundskeeping.

The seminar will be an interactive forum, with attendees invited to contribute their ideas and priorities. The objective will be for every participant to leave with at least one action to help them drive either facility or ground improvements at their club.

We ask that people intending to attend fill out this form with the topics your club would like to discuss at the seminar.