What to do when there is no cricket


Sometimes it is not possible to get out to play cricket - it might be raining, you might be injured, stuck in a car or not feeling very well. For some of us this can be difficult as we really love cricket and miss it, so below we have put together some activities and games that you can do until you can get back out on the field again with your friends and family. 

We hope that you enjoy the activities and if you do some and would like to share them with us, please send them to info@devoncricket.co.uk and we will share them in a gallery.


Cricket charity Chance to Shine are posting weekly cricket challenges for all ages 
- Click here to view their page of activities

Chance to Shine also have an online portal full of resources and activities
parents can sign up here. 



The ECB have produced an All Stars Activity Booklet full of things to do at home, download it here.  There will also be a Dynamos Cricket app coming soon and available to all!

See what home activities the England teams have been up to here, including Mark Wood teaching dance! 

Why not watch some Sky Sports masterclasses from some of the best to have played the game - available to all here.

Have a look on YouTube for loads of cricket at home ideas. 

Check out our Facebook and Twitter for daily quizzes/activities/games.


LEARNING ABOUT THE GAME                         

    Learn about umpiring signals           

Basic umpiring course (recommended for 14+, registration required) 



Design a Cricket Tea

Design a club badge

Design your own shirt


What would your Dream Clubhouse look like?

Make up a Cricket Drill


Write an article about your favourite player  Guess Who

 Emoji Cricketers

Click to see and guess the name of the cricketers 


Dice Cricket

Car Cricket 

Make your own Table Cricket