Parents in Sport week (5 - 11 October 2020) is the NSPCC's annual campaign to raise awareness of the importance of parents' involvement in youth sport.

During the week they will be sharing guidance on the types of things cricket clubs should have in place to keep children safe, how parents can get help with any concerns and how parents' positive behaviour contributes to better experiences of cricket for children.

This year’s theme is ‘Let’s talk about keeping children safe in sport’. 

We know that most cricket clubs and organisations have sound policies and procedures in place but parents are often unaware of what they are, how to access them and how they help to protect children. 

This year, the NSPCC are trying to reach as many parents as possible with their information and advice, with the hope that it can open up a dialogue with coaches, clubs and children about how everyone can contribute to safeguarding in sport.

As part of the campaign, we’ll be asking cricket parents to make the Sports Parents Promise 

The Promise outlines what we think makes a great sports parent. We hope this will give parents an understanding of how their contribution to their child’s cricket helps to make it a safer place. We're asking parents to sign up and make the Promise to their child by the end of Parents in Sport Week 2020. 

How you can help

Whether you're a great cricket parent, or a club or coach, you can help to reach out to more parents. Here's a few ways in which you can support the campaign: 

  • look for #ParentsinSportWeek2020 on social media and share posts and resources
  • if you're a parent, make the Sports Parents Promise, share your commitment on social media and encourage more parents to do the same
  • talk to your child's club about their safeguarding policy and procedures and share your knowledge with other parents at the club
  • share your positive parenting stories on social media and tag @TheCPSU
  • share the information for parents in your club newsletter, and on your blog or website
  • use Parents in Sport Week as an opportunity to highlight your club's safeguarding policies to parents in an email or newsletter

Further information

Find out about the Sports Parents Promise and make your Promise today.

Keep up with the latest news by following the NSPCC on Twitter @TheCPSU or you can follow the campaign using the hashtag #ParentsinSportWeek2020.

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