Babbacombe's cup-winning team of 1946

As reported in the Herald Express...

AN after-match discovery of a discrepancy in the two score-books seems to be casting a shadow of doubt over the actual result of last night’s Brockman Cup final at the Torquay Recreation Ground.

With the last ball of the day due to be sent down, the score-board showed the teams level at 100 runs each.

The Babbacombe batsman took an extra off it to put them ahead and Mrs E E Brockman, president of the competition, then presented the trophy and the winners’ and runners-up medals.

Reg Treeby - Brockman Cup secretary in 1946But examination of the two score-books afterwards disclosed that, while they agreed on the two aggregate totals  - R E Narracott’s XI 100, Babbacombe 101 – they were at variance on an individual total of K Ross of Babbacombe.

One score-book had Ross making 34. The other showed Ross making 36, but the runs recorded only added up to 33!

Mr R F Treeby, the Narracott’s hon secretary, is also hon secretary of the Brockman competition. His comment today was: “Naturally we accept our defeat and we congratulate Babbacombe on their success. But as hon secretary of the competition I have to ask the Brockman Cup executive to inquire into the discrepancy between the books.”

A large crowd – more than 500 paid for admittance – saw a keenly fought game with the issue in doubt until the last minute.

Man of the Match was R Parker, the Narracott’s batsman, who was at the wicket throughout for a valuable 56.  K Ross was top scorer for Babbacombe, followed by W Nickels 29.