There have been important changes to the ECB DBS renewal process and safeguarding qualifications for 2023.

Update to the ECB DBS Renewal Process

DBS update emails – what to do guide

Once a DBS Certificate has been issued, ECB will invite the applicant to register their certificate to the update service so that it can be rechecked/renewed annually. We do not give clearance for 3 years.

The cost to registering to the Update Service – Free to volunteers, £13 per annum for those in paid roles. This is paid directly to the DBS Update Service (online) when registering and renewing your subscription.

Contact email from ECB to renew DBS

Whether you are on the update service or not, you will receive an email notification directly from the ECB from the email address This will be approx. 1 month before your renewal date (every year) asking you to log into our DBS portal to consent to your recheck and complete your annual confirmation of your role/club/contact details -You need to do this if you are in a paid role or a volunteer.

If you have not logged in and consented/reconfirmed your details, then your renewal will not take place. Your ECB DBS clearance will expire on your renewal date.

Contact email from the DBS Update Service

This is external to the ECB. The DBS Update Service will also email you from their email address as your account is personally registered to you.

To maintain your registration, if you are in a paid role you will need to log in to pay your annual fee of £13. If you are a volunteer you will also receive an annual subscription email but as you are not required to pay you don’t need to do anything with this particular email.

How to apply for a DBS

Further information and FAQs

Update to Safeguarding Young Cricketers


This free course is available for everyone involved in cricket.

Safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility, so whatever your role in cricket, everyone should understand the importance of keeping children, young people and adults safe. 
With this in mind, we invite you, and everybody at your club or organisation, to complete our online Introduction to Safeguarding. The training provides basic knowledge and advice in creating a safe cricket environment for everyone, recognising signs of abuse, what to do if you have any concerns or if you are approached by anyone with concerns that they may have. 

This training should take around 30 minutes to complete and is accessible on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

SAFEGUARDING FOR SPECIALIST ROLES (replacing Safeguarding Young Cricketers)

These courses are for all those who have a specialist role in cricket including Coaches, Activators, Officials, Committee Members, Captains and Club Safeguarding Officers.

If you perform a specialist role in cricket you need to complete the ‘Safeguarding for Specialist Roles’ and the appropriate top-up module related to your role. To book onto this training please click via the appropriate role below.  

The Safeguarding for Specialist Roles training should take around 1 hour to complete and the top-up modules around 20 minutes. The courses are valid for 3 years. 

If you perform more than one such role, we suggest you choose the element most aligned with your main role. Whilst there is only a need to complete one top-up module, you are welcome to complete as many as you wish. 

Please note that if you have a current Safeguarding Young Cricketers qualification this is still valid until its expiry date (3 years after completion).


Club Safeguarding Officers need to complete three sets of training: 

  • Online ‘Safeguarding for Specialist Roles’  
  • A ‘top up’ online module – ‘Safeguarding for Committee Members and Club Safeguarding Officers’  
  • Face-to-face ‘Safe Hands' Workshop which is run by the local County Cricket Board 

Upon booking a face-to-face 'Safe Hands' workshop you will be automatically enrolled on the online modules.

These courses should be updated every 3 years.